Serivce and Therapy dog training

Severe Allergy Alert Service Dog
We offer a program for Severe Allergy Alert Service Dogs. The dog will be trained to detect specific allergens to help the handler live a safer life. Before the dog goes home to its new family the dog will:
*Detect: Detect allergens in food with a directed search
*Alert   : Alert the handler of allergens in the air  on the dogs own initiative
*Alarm : Alarm nearby person if a life-threatening situation would occur
*Have passed a AKC Canine Good Citizenship evaluation
*Have passed a Public Access test
The dog will have at least 200 logged Hours of training on task and an additional 50 hours of obedience and socialization training beyond the puppy training.
To keep prices reasonable we have an option of being involved in the raising of the dog or to leave your dog  for board and train and let us do the work.
It will take about 18 months to have a fully trained dog and the dog will return to us yearly for testing and re-conditioning for as long as the dog is used as a service dog.
Severe allergy allert dog Toby showing his detection sign!
Registered Service dog Major Tobias Snowflake